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MDR +/-, DM +/- by parentage

Stud dog   Colour: sable-white Health results: HD & ED – we are waiting for certificate CEA/PRA/KAT – free MDR +/+ & DM +/+ fullteeth Dogshow results: 2x Exc.4 at Slovak Club Show of collies and shelties Owner: Danka Varádyová, Bratislava  

Stud dog of 1st category   JuniorChampion & Champion of Slovakia 8th TOP DOG ROUGH COLLIE 2018 1st TOP JUNIOR DOG ROUGH COLLIE 2017 6th TOP DOG ROUGH COLLIE 2017   Colour: dark sable Health results: HD A/A ED 0/0 CEA/PRA/KAT – free MDR -/- & DM +/- (by parentage) fullteeth Owner: Doc. Ing. Henrieta

D.O.B.: 10.01.2015 Sex: male Colour: dark sable

D.O.B.: 10.01.2015 Sex: male Colour: dark sable

D.O.B. 20.12.2014 Sex: dog Colour: dark sable

Dátum narodenia: 20.12.2014 Pohlavie: psik Farba: recesívne zlatý Vyšetrenia: MDR1 +/+; DM +/- CEA/KAT/PRA – negat