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    ♥ Our princess Clarity Amnis Rhei has fulfilled the conditions for the title INTERCHAMPION (C.I.B.)!!! With 3 CACIB she already had, she obtained another 2 CACIB at IDS in Romania. Thanks to her owner and handler Petra Karolusová. ♥ Our hope Ricci – Nina Ricci Blue du Clos de Windmire at the same

    06.10.2018 – Our Clarity – Clarity Amnis Rhei – made us again very happy and proud, this time at IDS in České Budejovice by obtaining Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOB !!! 🥂 Thanks to her loving owner and also handler Petra Karolusová for a constant, beautiful and successful presentation and, of course, for amazing

  Today our only blue-merle girl Ricci (Nina Ricci Blue du Clos de Windmire) celebrates her 1st birthday!!!  We wish you all the best and many years full of health and happiness!!!

    We participated at the International Dogshow in Mâcon (France), which was also recognized as a Special Dogshow of Collies, because the judge was breed specialist Mr.Jean Paul Kerihuel. Our Jamie (Inspire Black du Clos de Seawind) obtained Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG2 and he has fulfilled the conditions for the French Champion title.

    Our “Korty” Cortez Challanger Amnis Rhei has nice character and he is stud dog with excellent healthy results: CEA/PRA/KAT – free, MDR +/-; DM +/+, HD A/A. New photos are in his photogallery.  We have added a few photos of our happy Engie from trip.

    7.7.2018 – 8.7.2018 we have presented our Kayleen and Nina Ricci on International dog show in Veľká Ida (SVK). Our Kayleen received a beautiful award – CACIB, 2x CAC, Nina Ricci was Excellent 2 and 3 in nice competition in the youth class. We have added a few photos to their galleries and

    We have added some beautiful photos of our Kejlinka in poppies to her photogallery and also few photos of Jamie’s puppies in kennel Fatranský Sen. We have successfully participated in the international dogshow in Poland in a very pleasant friendly atmosphere.

Date Dog show Judge Class Result 12.05.18 Club show Chropyně (CZ) Sandra Wigglesworth GB puppy very promising 4 27.05.18 International show, Rzeszow (PL) Andrej Tyburczyk (PL) puppy very promising 1, Best puppy 07.07.18 International show, Veľká Ida Peter Firič (RS) young Excellent 3 08.07.18 International show, Veľká Ida Anna Kochan, (PL) young Excellent 2 15.09.18

  Club show, Chropyně 2018 – Czechia Judges: Sandra Wigglesworth (UK) (collie rough) & Michel Mocqué (F) (collie smooth and shelties). Inspire Black du Clos de Seawind – Exc.5 in class champion; Kayleen Amnis Rhei – Exc.4 in class youth; Nina Ricci Blue du Clos de Windmire – Very promising 4 in class puppies Photogallery from

    Let us introduce you new member of our kennel – Nina Ricci Blue du Clos de Windmire from France. Photos can be found in her gallery. We have added some photos of our Kayleen and Jamie to their galleries.