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    This weekend (14.04.2018) we took a part at Slovak Club Show of collies and shelties in Lučenec, organised by Slovak Club of collies and shelties. We spend this day arounded by friends and acquaintances, great atmosphere and beautiful, sunny weather could not miss. Invitation for judging was accepted by Mr.Harald Steinmetz (rough collies,

    Our Kaylin (Kayleen Amnis Rhei) was examinated on hips and elbows with excellent result HD A/A; ED 0/0 !!! We are very happy and proud of her !!! ♥

  01.03.2018 – Cola’s ‘puppies’ (J-litter) celebrated their 1st birthday. 06.03.2018 – Our Kaylin (Kayleen Amnis Rhei) and her three brothers (K-litter) also celebrated their 1st birthday. The same day is birthday of E-litter. 11.03.2018 – It’s incredible how time flies! 8 years has passed since our beautiful and wise La Mér ♥ (Sea Dreamer’s

    03.02.2018 – Our „Ginka“ (Ginger Black du Clos de Sea-Wind) celebrated her 7th birthday. We believe that she will spend many happy years by our side in full health. We have added some photos of her to her photogallery. 04.02.2018 – Because of beautiful sunny sunday we decided to go on the trip to

  Our Club of breeders of collies & shelties announced the results of competition TOP DOG 2017. Thanks successes of our offsprings at dog shows, we are at 4th place (4th TOP COLLIE ROUGH KENNEL 2017), in strong competition !! We want to thank owners of ´our puppies´ for such a great care and beautiful presentation

    After more than a month, we bring you some news from our kennel. Show successes: On 13.01.2018 ´our´ Claritka (Clarity Amnis Rhei) participated on National Dog Show in Brno where she obtained Ex1, CAC, BOB, National Winner and she fulfilled the conditions for the title – champion of the Czech Republic!!! We are

      We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!  

  09.12.2017 – We have participated in last dog show this year in Nitra, where our Kayleen was awarded Excellent 1 and CAJC in strong competition. We have added photos of Indy at the age of 18 months and Kayleen at the age of 9 months. A few photos from the winter walk in the

  04.11.2017 – we have added few photos of our collies in the autumn sunset. 12.11.2017 – we are pleased about visit of our “puppy” Kendrick alias “Aron” and to share with you photos with his sister Kayleen and mother Engie. 19.11.2017 – we have added photos of Jamie’s daughter MOONLIGHT BLUE du Clos de

  Indiana Jones Amnis Rhei has successfully presented himself at the International Dog show in Komarom, Hungary. He was awarded in strong competition as excellent 2,r.CAC – judge – Johann Wulteputte from Belgie.  We’ve added photos from trip with our Kayleen and Gina to ruine of castle in Kapušany.