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    🏔 We spent last 2 months in nature and we visited a lot of beautiful places near our home. Of course our furry collies could not miss and they accompanied us. Photos from all our trips can be found in the gallery. 💛 In March we celebrated birthday of our beloved La Mér

    ♥ Puppies from our last litter (M-litter) found their new forever homes with fantastic families. We wish them many happy years together. You can find some new photos of these puppies in their galeries (Mignonne, Mocaccina, Margotka a Merlin). ♥ We have added photos from our snow trip to Zlatá Baňa with Riley

    ❤️🎄✨  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021 from all of us at Amnis Rhei !!! 🤍⛄💙

  We bring you some news from our kennel again   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We spent this summer in the magnificent nature of Slovakia  🏞 Our companions on trips were our beloved collies, as usual. We were accompanied mainly by our youngester Riley (Little Miracle Amnis Rhei), who has meanwhile become a beautiful young lady who surprises

  We have added a few photos from our trips with collies in june to photogallery.

    During the quarantine period, all canine events are suspended, including club shows. We are all the more aware of their importance and need in interpersonal relationships. We have added a few photos from our May trips to nature, from our visit to the beautiful Lačnov canyon and the Ruins of Obisov castle above

    🏆  At the beginning of april our Slovak Club of Collies and Shelties announced the results of annual competition TOP DOG 2019! 🏆 This year we also achieved beautiful successes:   🏆  TOP FEMALE COLLIE ROUGH (27 entries) 🥇 1st place – Kayleen Amnis Rhei      4th place – Clarity Amnis Rhei     

Date Dog Show Judge Class Result 11.05.19 CAC Timisoara Andrea Csatari, RO junior V1, CAJC, BOS 11.05.19 CACIB Timisoara Peter Harsanyi, H junior V1, CAJC, JuniorBOB, BOB 12.05.19 CACIB Timisoara Tibor Havelka, SK junior V1, CAJC, JuniorBOB, BOS Juniorchampion of Romania

    We have added a few photos from our winter´s trip with our Ricci. We have added a few photos of “A” litter in kennel Monmirai after our  Indiana Jones AMNIS RHEI.      

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!