🏔 We spent last 2 months in nature and we visited a lot of beautiful places near our home. Of course our furry collies could not miss and they accompanied us. Photos from all our trips can be found in the gallery.

💛 In March we celebrated birthday of our beloved La Mér (11 years old), Stingy (3 years old) a Kayleen (4 years old) and also of our J and K litter (4 years old) and litter E (7 years old) and in April we celebrated birthday of our dear Cola and her siblings from litter C (8 years old). We wish them many more years in health and satisfaction.

😍 We were delighted when we found out that our lovely offspring Dami (Damien Black Amnis Rhei) became father of 3 beautiful litters this year!!! Congratulations to breeders and Damien´s owner Katarína Schmiesterová!

❤️ We have added new photos of our offsprings to their galleries: Merlin AR, Jewel of AR, James Cook AR, Jasmine AR, Crusader AR, Crystal AR, Clarity ARDarling Black AR, Edmond AR, Ellegance Ella AR, Hard Rock AR and to our Cola (Coca Cola Amnis Rhei), La Mér (Sea Dreamers La Mer at Amnis Rhei), Ricci (Nina Ricci Blue du Clos de Windmire) a Kayleen (Kayleen Amnis Rhei). Big thanks to all owners for beautiful photos, we are always very pleased to look at our “puppies” !