• We participated at the International Dogshow in Mâcon (France), which was also recognized as a Special Dogshow of Collies, because the judge was breed specialist Mr.Jean Paul Kerihuel. Our Jamie (Inspire Black du Clos de Seawind) obtained Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG2 and he has fulfilled the conditions for the French Champion title. Photos from dogshow are in the gallery – dog shows. Thanks to the breeder to Mr. Gilles Mervant !!!


  • 15.09.2018 – we took a part at the Slovak Special Show of Collies and Shelties in Malý Lapáš near Nitra. We are very proud how well our collies and offsprings did. It was long but great day with friendly atmosphere and with sunny autumn weather.
    The results of our Amnis Rhei team:
    🐾 ICh. Inspire Black du Clos de Sea-Wind – champion class – Exc.1, CAC, Winner of Special dogshow (best male), BOS, Winner of competition „Best head in breed“ and he was also chosen for a narrow selection in competition „Best movement in breed“
    🐾 Kayleen Amnis Rhei – intermediate class – Exc.3 of 7 entered females
    🐾 Nina Ricci Blue du Clos de Windmire – junior class – Exc.2 of 10 entered females
    🐾 Ch. Clarity Amnis Rhei – champion class – Exc.3
    🐾 ICh. Damien Black Amnis Rhei – champion class – Exc.4
    🐾 James Cook Amnis Rhei – intermediate class – Exc.4
    🐾 Jasmine Amnis Rhei – intermediate class – Exc.
  • The judges were Mr. Michel Mocque and Mr. Didier Dupont, breed specialists. Thank you for kind approach and for very nice critiques and appreciation of our collies!!! And also big thanks to our family, friends, owners of our offsprings and other breeders, who made this day even better!!! Photogallery from the dogshow is in the photogallery – dog shows.


  • We are very happy and proud of our offspring – Indiana Jones Amnis rhei, which was successful at the International Dog Shows in Slovakia this year and received great awards:
07.04.18International dog show Nitra, SK
Szabó Sándor, HU
intermediateExcellent 2, r.CAC
08.04.18International dog show Nitra, SK
Opara Janusz, PL
intermediateExcellent 3
12.05.18International dog show Lučenec, SK
Markov Vasilij, RUS
intermediateExcellent 1, CAC, r.CACIB
18.08.18International dog show Bratislava, SK
Zizevske Livija, LT
openExcellent 1, CAC, .CACIB, BOS

Congratulations and thanks to his owner Mrs. Doc.Henrieta Arpasova!!!

  • Our Clarity Amnis rhei was also successful at the Regional Dogshows in Malacky and Pezinok, where she won the Regional Winner and 3rd place in the I. FCI group !!! Congratulations and thanks to the owner Petra Karolusová!!!