After long time we bring you again some news from our kennel.

🏆 During summer we took apart at few dogshows with our Kaylin (Kayleen Amnis Rhei), at which she has presented herself very nice:

CACIB Veľká IdaExc.2, r.CAC, rCACIB
CACIB Veľká IdaExc.2, r.CAC, rCACIB
CAC Nowy TargExc.1, CAC
CAC Nowy TargExc.1, CAC, best female, BOS
CAC AleksinacExc.2, r.CAC
CACIB SokobanjaExc.2, r.CAC, rCACIB
CAC ParacinExc.1, CAC, best female, BOB, Champion of Serbia
CACIB SmederevoExc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, GrandChampion of Serbia


🏆 We are very proud of our Kaylin, but also of Clarity (Clarity Amnis Rhei) who has obtained 2xCAC at Clubshows in Austria under breed specialists (István Székely (H), Gwen Beaden (UK)).
Thank you dear Petra Karolusová for great care and beautiful presentation ❤️

🐾 Now you can find some new photos from recent trips with our collies in gallery (Collies and trips) and photos from recent dogshows as well.

🐶 We have added few new photos to galleries of Corty (Cortez Challanger AR), Cola (Coca Cola AR),
Jack (Jack Daniels AR), James (James Cook AR), Kaylin (Kayleen AR), Jamie (Inspire Black DCDS), Damien (Damien Black AR),
Figaro (Figaro AR) and also to gallery of Jamie´s kids in kennel Fatranský sen.