This weekend (14.04.2018) we took a part at Slovak Club Show of collies and shelties in Lučenec, organised by Slovak Club of collies and shelties.
We spend this day arounded by friends and acquaintances, great atmosphere and beautiful, sunny weather could not miss. Invitation for judging was accepted by Mr.Harald Steinmetz (rough collies, shelties) from Germany and Mrs.Beverley White (rough collies – minor puppy, puppy, honour and veteran class and smooth collies) from Great Britain.


2nd in competition BEST IN SHOW KENNEL!!! ♥

James Cook Amnis Rhei (junior class) – Ex.4 (of 8 entries)

Jewel of Amnis Rhei ((junior class) – VG

Jennya Jae Amnis Rhei ((junior class) – Ex.

Kayleen Amnis Rhei ((junior class) – Ex.

Indiana Jones Amnis Rhei (intermediate class) – VG1

Damien Black Amnis Rhei (champion class) – Ex.2, rCAC

Clarity Amnis Rhei (champion class) – Ex.2, rCAC

Coca Cola Amnis Rhei (honour class) – VG1

Inspire Black du Clos de Sea-Wind (champion class) – Ex.1, CAC, Jamie fulfilled the conditions for obtaining the title of Club champion!!!

Thanks to owners of our “puppies”, our friends and judges for a great day!

We have added photos of James Cook Amnis Rhei (James), Jewel of Amnis Rhei (Jewel), Jennya Jae Amnis Rhei (Ellissa), Kayleen Amnis Rhei (Kaylin), Indiana Jones Amnis Rhei, Damien Black Amnis Rhei (Dami), Clarity Amnis Rhei (Claritka), Coca Cola Amnis Rhei (Cola), Hard Rock Amnis Rhei (Lyon), Crystal Amnis Rhei (Crystal), Inspire Black du Clos de Sea-Wind (Jamie).

Rodinka Amnis Rhei <3