• 01.03.2018 – Cola’s ‘puppies’ (J-litter) celebrated their 1st birthday.
  • 06.03.2018 – Our Kaylin (Kayleen Amnis Rhei) and her three brothers (K-litter) also celebrated their 1st birthday. The same day is birthday of E-litter.
  • 11.03.2018 – It’s incredible how time flies! 8 years has passed since our beautiful and wise La Mér ♥ (Sea Dreamer’s La Mer at Amnis Rhei) came to this world.

All 17 puppies have grown up into beautiful, healthy and happy collies and we wish them, and also to La Mér, ALL THE BEST!!!

Because of beautiful first spring sunny weather we decided to go out into nature with our Kaylin. Photos can be found in gallery – Collies and trips – Ortáše near Prešov, Popradské pleso and some photos of our collies from one snowy day at our home here.

Jamie’s (C.I.B.Inspire Black du Clos de Sea-Wind) children and Damien’s (C.I.B.Damien Black Amnis Rhei) son in Spain were again succesful, this time in Girona:

Bond – James Bond Fellow of Eternity (C.I.B.Damien Black Amnis Rhei x C.I.B.Samantha Sue Zelené Tuje): Exc.1

Delfluvia The Day Of The Beast (C.I.B.Inspire Black du Clos de Sea-Wind x Stigmata Delfluvia): Exc.1, CCJ, JBOB, JBOG 1

Delfluvia Skyler White (C.I.B.Inspire Black du Clos de Sea-Wind x Stigmata Delfluvia): Exc.3

Wishing you a Happy Easter!